is a website, currently under development, that will help people solve difficult, complex problems in their organization, in their careers, and even in their personal social systems. In the academic literature, these problems are called “Wicked Problems.”

Why I Am Building This Site

My name is Dr. Michael Collender. I teach how to solve wicked problems at a leading Organization Leadership graduate program in the United States.

Over the last few years it has been a personal concern of mine that more people, than just my graduate students, should have access to these tools. They should not be hoarded. So for some time, I have been planing how to make this know-how available to the greatest number of people. is the result.

To give you a taste for what’s coming, if you sign up for the Solve Wicked Problems Newsletter, as a thank you I will give you a free download of my academic article “Scoping Complex Systems for the Joint Task Force Commander” which was published in the military journal Campaigning. I co-authored this article at the Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA, when I researched and lectured there on how military commanders can understand complex battle environments and make effective decisions in real time amidst the fog of war. The materials that will be available here will be much more user friendly than this journal article. But you will see from this journal article that I know what I’m talking about. Good things are coming on I want you to be the first to discover them.

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